Epdm Roofing

Why Epdm Roofing Is The Number One Roofing Material Used By Professionals And Do-It-Yourself Builders Alike

Epdm Roofing has been used on flat or low-slope roof-tops in America for over forty years. It is an economically smart option for roofing material, has a long life, as well as being the most popular choice for new roofing projects and replacements. The rubber material roofing is the number one choice for most contractors, architects, and roofing consultants nationwide.

This type of roofing has shown to be an excellent choice because of all of the resistance and strength it has shown against, hail, heavy rains and wind, ozone exposure, weathering and abrasion, cyclical membrane fatigue resistance and ultra-violet ray exposure. It is a strong material that comes with a warranty which is rarely needed because of its strong performance record. It is easily installed and can be done so rather quickly and efficiently.

Epdm Roofing

Edpm Roofing is considered to keep its long cyclical life-span because along with its ability to resist harsh weather conditions and high temperatures, it is a rubber material that gives and shifts the settling process of buildings. This means less strain on the roofing material and a less likely problem of leakage. Its characteristic of malleability allows it to be fitted around curved edges.

Epdm Roofing is a successful way to keep your flat roof or low-slope roof project from leaking. The Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, or black Epdm Roofing can be used on homes, schools, and any other flat wood or metal surface roofing that needs protection from water. You can acquire this type of roofing in all black or white on black. The white on black EDPM is mostly used on RVs. These types of roofing can be self-installed with minimal equipment, and includes a video DVD to show you step-by-step how to correctly lay the roofing material.

It is important to use the proper type of adhesive to bond the EPDM Roofing to the surface. For example, if you are going to bond the EPDM membrane to wood, metal or concrete, walls, and curbs, then you need the solvent and water-based neoprene adhesive. The proper adhesive for iso-insulation board and wooden decks would be latex. The correct adhesive is key to avoid leakage and provide excellent insulation. You will need to check with your EPDM dealer for estimates on how much the cost will be for your particular job. With proper installation, adhesive and a warranty to boot, you cannot go wrong using Epdm Roofing for your project, large or small.

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