Marley Roof Tiles

Put Strength And Variety On Top Of Your House With Marley Roof Tiles

If you are a builder of residential or commercial projects, or a homeowner who wants to find a unique grade of roofing for your new home or to replace existing roofing, then consider the Marley Roof Tiles company for your needs. The Aisher family business started in the early 1920's building homes. They produced the tiles for their own roofing. By 1924, they were producing home tiles for other builders as well. By the 1930's, they owned eight concrete tile factories and were supplying many builders with top of the line roofing tiles. Today, Marley Tiles is still a popular name with builders in Great Britain and are used on many projects. Even though the company was purchased in 1999, the manufacturers still offer the true Marley products that people know and respect.

There are many different styles of the tiles produced to achieve many different looks and to apply to different pitches on the rooftops. The shingles or tiles that can be used can be made of aluminum, concrete, slate, clay, cedar, copper, rubber, just to name a few. They are molded into several different styles as well. If you are interested in having plain tiles, then the Marley Roof Tiles Company can get them to you in a rough or smooth finish. If variety in color is important, the clay tiles are an excellent choice. There are twenty colors from which to choose. If you are looking for a tile that favors the ancient 2000 year-old roofing, then you will want to see the Double Roman style.

Marley Roof Tiles

There are many other modern styles for any house or commercial building and they are all fashionable without being too costly. The concrete tiles are very strong and durable and come in a variety of colors, so don't let the material fool you. They can be made to look fabulous on any home or commercial building. The concrete tiles may cost a little more than the others, but they will not have to be replaced often and will do a good job or protecting the structure below the roof.

Marley Roof Tiles will guarantee that your building will stay dry when the rains come. This company offers a warranty for the tile materials, but rarely has to honor it because the tiles and roofing materials are so dependable. There is no purpose to a good building without a superior roof. Marley Roof Tiles offers just that comfort.

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