Rubber Membrane Roofing

Upgrading To Rubber Membrane Roofing

If you have a flat roof, and you are still using the old asphalt and gravel method for roofing, it may be time to consider some of the newer and better alternatives. One of these new methods is Rubber Membrane Roofing, and it has many advantages over the older asphalt roofs. Older asphalt roofs require gravel to prevent the deterioration of the roof, and to help hold the asphalt on the roof, because it is not attached to the roof just lays on top.

There are many problems associated with asphalt roofs, the main problem being leaks and the trouble fixing the leaks. The gravel on an asphalt roof makes it extremely hard to find and repair leaks, but this problem can be alleviated with a newer roof. Rubber Membrane Roofing has tough seams that prevent leaks, and when leaks do occur this type of material makes it easy to repair. This type of roofing is also attaches to the roof, so there is no need for the added weight the gravel provided for the asphalt roof.

Rubber Membrane Roofing

If you are the type of person who like to DIY when it comes to roofing, Rubber Membrane Roofing is not particularly do it yourself friendly. Most often, it will require hiring a professional to install, but this roofing is worth it especially if replacing an older asphalt roof. When this product is installed the seams are welded together, and this causes them to melt into one piece. By making the seams just a strong as the rest of the roof, it reduces the risk of leaks in the future.

While this type of roofing material is primarily used on commercial buildings, it is gain popularity for uses in residential roofing. This type of roof should still have an inspection annually to make sure that all seams are still in proper functioning order. If you notice any changes, it important to have these items fixed by a professional immediately to avoid leaks, or further damage. If considering just reapplying asphalt for cost reasons, remember that asphalt roofs will not last nearly as long as Rubber Membrane Roofing.

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